Benefits of Scientifically Defining Requirements

Reduces 25% to 40% of project spending by eliminating efforts of correcting requirements errors.

Dramatic increase in capabilities to develop software intensive systems without limitation to size.

Quick customer satisfaction and confidence for greater customer loyalty and competitive edge.

Why Does Scientifically Defining Requirements Work

For any engineering system of software, there is an intrinsic order in the application domain. This order is discovered not invented and can be discovered and represented in form of scientific theory by scientific method.

Requirements (external behavior of the system under development to realize given business needs) are theorems to be proved by the theory of the application domain.

Theory may change and so do business needs. The cycle of these changes is much longer than that of development in general.

UCSoft’ Dramatic Difference

UCSoft is the first to offer scientific way of developing software by creating and applying the general theory of software engineering.

The theory is created by solving two theoretical problems: nondeterministic requirements and increasing distance between specification and implementation.
The two problems are root causes and all other problems are symptoms.

Your Firm + UCSoft = Amazing Results!
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